The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today

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These days, recruiters and employers use social media and other online platforms to pool talents and search for qualified candidates. This is why job seekers like you must put extra time and effort into making your job search tools more optimized and compelling.

One of these platforms is LinkedIn. It’s used by recruiters and hiring managers for various cases. They use it to cross-reference key work details about talents to further assess the status of their job application. Also, LinkedIn can be used as a direct recruiting and hiring source. In fact, a study of Statistic Brain Research Institute found that 122 million people got their job interview through LinkedIn, while 35.5 million of them got hired by someone they knew or connected with using the platform.

Having these said, you’d want to make this work for you and use your profile to snag a worthwhile job. Don’t take the power of your LinkedIn profile for granted to increase visibility online. Instead, increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters and landing your target job through a LinkedIn profile makeover! There are online services to hire and have experts working on your online profile for you, but it may get hard to search for the best one out there. This is why we’ve done you a favor and compiled the 5 LinkedIn profile writing services you should hire today.

1. Resume Professional Writers
2. Resume Valley
3. Resume4Dummies
4. Capstone Resume Services
5. Revered Resumes

If you don’t know how and what firm to reach out for your LinkedIn profile needs, read on for the pros, cons, and other key things you need to know before hiring one.

1. Resume Professional Writers

With their topnotch LinkedIn profile writing services, this firm believes that an optimized profile attracts employers more. It also helps you build a strong online presence and have the chance to learn about 10 million job posts worldwide. This is why their team of writers is aimed toward crafting job search tools that are striking enough to help you get your feats and skills stand out and noticed by recruiters. Also, please note that their service only includes writing and optimization of your LinkedIn profile. You have to be the one to upload it on your account to maintain security and confidentiality of your personal details.

Pros: Their writers write great LinkedIn profiles for a reasonable price. Aside from that, they also offer supporting job search tools that will surely help you ace your job hunt and snag your target job.

Cons: One downside is that their lead time excludes weekends and holidays. They are only available during Mondays to Fridays, so if you’re in a rush, you have to make sure you avail of their services on weekdays.

Delivery Time: They aim to have your striking LinkedIn profile ready within 3 to 5 business days.

Price Range: Seems like their LinkedIn profile writing service is on sale! From $159, it’s now priced at $100. So, grab this deal and save more when you hire them!

Contact: 1 (800) 845-0586

Review: 4.7/5 on TrustPilot

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The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today 6

2. Resume Valley

As one of the most low-cost yet sought-after firms for career resources, Resume Valley aims to provide job search tool writing services to almost all types of job seekers. Their wide range of custom job application tools helps you make your job hunt easier. Also, their writing style is career-targeted and skills-focused, so you’re sure they can optimize your LinkedIn profile whatever your career goals are.

Pros: They claim that their customer service is top-notch, and their live chat support is one proof of that. This is also best for those who want to talk via chat first before proceeding with a consultation over the phone.

Cons: As stated on their announcement through their site, their customer support won’t be available during weekends.

Delivery Time: Their turnaround time for all their services is within 5 business days.

Price Range: What a steal for only $69!

Contact: 1 (877) 780-7377Review: 4/5 on TrustPilot

Screenshot Of Resume Valley Trustpilot Review
The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today 7

3. Resume4Dummies

From the firm’s name itself, they aim to help those who are just starting in their field or those who need to go back to the basics of job search. For others who get overwhelmed with other firms offering LinkedIn profile writing services, Resume4Dummies is a must-try!

Pros: This firm also offers one of the most affordable resume and LinkedIn profile writing services in today’s market.

Cons: Since other job seekers want a better grasp on how this service works, this firm should allot a specific page or ample description about it.

Delivery Time: Your optimized LinkedIn profile will be ready in 4 business days.

Price Range: Their LinkedIn profile writing service start at $100.

Contact: 1-510-740-4155Review: 5/5 on TrustPilot

Screenshot Of Resume4Dummies Trustpilot Review
The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today 8

4. Capstone Resume Services

A firm keen to upholding their image as a trusted brand, Capstone Resume Services is transparent when it comes to their writers, who are proven experts in their fields. Further, they cater to almost all types of job seekers, from entry-level to high-level ones!

Pros: For job seekers who want assurance before they hire a service, this firm only accepts to write job search tools for you after a one-on-one consultation.

Cons: Their LinkedIn profile writing service page lacks key details about how their process works.

Delivery Time: As stated on their site, the delivery is within 2 to 3 business days of consultation, with one revision included if needed.

Price Range: You can hire their custom LinkedIn profile service for only $199.

Contact: 650-445-5301Review: 3.5/5 on Yelp

Screenshot Of Capstone Resume Services Yelp Review
The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today 9

5. Revered Resumes

With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, this firm makes it to our 5 best LinkedIn profile writing services. As one of the most established resume writers in the field, they also offer other superb job search tool services. In fact, aside from LinkedIn profiles, they also craft video resumes and thank-you letters.

Pros: You have the option to add a 24-hour rush delivery to your order!

Cons: With a lack of recent online reviews, the company also only does business during weekdays.

Delivery Time: In 3 to 5 business days, have your well-written profile done.

Price Range: Their writing service for a LinkedIn profile only costs $200.

Contact: 800-510-4885Review: 4.3/5 on TrustPilot

Screenshot Of Revered Resumes Trustpilot Review
The Top 5 LinkedIn Profile Writing Services Today 10

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