ArchList Content Policies

Updated: January 2021

ArchList is a business listing and location platform that makes it easy for people to find awesome places, businesses, restaurants, and service providers. In our effort to please you, we have listed these content policies to guide you in using the site and its features.

ArchList formed these guidelines following our Terms of Use and with close reference to Google’s Prohibited Content Policies. To clarify, we do not support the publication of content that contain, but are not limited to these topics:

    • Adult-Themed (such as pornography, sex, violence, vulgarity, and distasteful depictions of children unsuitable for a general audience)
    • Alcohol-Related (such as selling and promotion of irresponsible alcohol consumption or favorable portrayal of excessive, binge, or competitive drinking)
    • Tobacco-Related (such as selling and promotion of careless consumption of cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and other related supplies)
    • Healthcare-Related (such as selling of prescription drugs and unapproved pharmaceuticals and supplements)
    • Dangerous, Defamatory, and Racist (such as those that threaten or advocate for harm of one’s self or others; harass, intimidate, or bully an individual or group; incite hatred against, promote discrimination of, or malign an individual or group related to systemic discrimination or marginalization)
    • Gambling and Games-Related (such as promotion of gambling or internet-based games where players pay money or valuable items for a chance to win prizes based on the game’s outcome)
    • Recreational Drugs and Drug-Related (such as selling, promotion, and using of drugs and substances that alter the mental state for recreation and “highs”)
    • Guns and Prohibited Weapons (such as selling, promotion, instruction, and using of weapons-related content that may lead to damage, harm, or injury)

To enforce these content policies, we devised an in-house data moderation system. It involves both automated keyword detection and human review. This backend procedure runs always and filters new and existing content. However, because of the large data volume, a delay may occur in content posting, detection, and removal.

ArchList also forbids the posting of topics that fall under spam or “bad-neighborhood” categories. Such materials include untested supplements, get-rich-quick schemes, steroids, or sexual enhancement products.

ArchList reserves the right to remove content that, we think, falls under any of the said categories.

Basic Guidelines

Post your content on ArchList only if your topic answers “YES” to all the following questions:

    1. Is my topic significant? Contribute useful content only. Post topics that relate to your experience and advertise ArchList-related product promos or those that come from a business profile.
    2. Is my topic decent? Avoid bias, rude, and threatening content. Use vibrant language and images in your comments. Be courteous to other users.
    3. Is my topic discreet? Make sure your post does not disclose another user’s private information. Ask permission from the concerned person(s) or group(s) if you need to publicize their image(s) or full name(s).
    4. Is my topic original? Share unique content and photos you write and own. Never copy from or plagiarize other sources.

Review Guidelines

In giving feedback about a product, service, or business, check first if your review answers “YES” to all these questions:

1. Does my review tell my experience? Express your view on the product, service, or business. Never copy other people’s opinions or findings and base your post on your own experience

2. Does my review tell the facts? Avoid magnifying or distorting your experience. Just state your opinion as it is.

3. Does my review extend help to or inform the public? Post informative reviews, free from selfish gains such as bribing a business to remove your negative opinion.

4. Does my review update offer new information? Never reprise an old post in updating a review. Relate a new experience or share an improvement a month after your old post.

Visual Guidelines

In adding photos, logos, or visuals, check whether you keep them within the specifications we have set for ArchList content guidelines:

    1. Make sure all users can relate to or understand your photos, logos, or visuals.
    2. Add photos, logos, or visuals that send a positive message. Do not use those that show violence, nudity, substance use, etc. even if they fit the business or product to a “T”.
    3. Use only photos, logos, or visuals that bring goodwill and discourage discord or misunderstandings among users.
    4. Upload images that meet the following requirements:
  • Format: JPG (.jpg) or PNG (.png)
  • Aspect Ratio/Shape: Square (height and width must be the same)
  • Dimension: Photos/Logos, 400×400 pixels (maximum)
  • Logo: Square with maximum file size limit of 500 KB
  • Cover Image: Maximum file size limit of 5 MB
  • Gallery Image(s): Maximum number of 20 images with file size limit of 10 MB each