Content Writing Tips for Your Business (and the Top 5 Companies to Hire)

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To put it simply: Everything is now on the internet. Need to see your friends? Make reservations? Buy something? No problem; you can just simply make a few taps and you can do all of that and more. People are now enjoying and making the use of the internet to access their needs and wants—and with it comes content writing.

If you are a business, whether a startup, an established one, or a franchisee, you might want to consider putting your businesses on the internet because it will guarantee a wider reach. With a wider reach, you can easily achieve both your short-term and long-term business goals. Nonetheless, before your business can make a splash into the internet, let us first talk about what should be in your sites once your business is up. Let us discuss content writing.

What is Content Writing and Why is It Important?

Content writing involves creating or curating content intended for online use. Any form of content that you see online is an example of content writing. This includes blog entries, search engine optimized (SEO) articles, social media posts, landing pages, search engine marketing (SEM) copies, speeches, press releases, and product descriptions. Anything that is published online is considered as a form of content writing.

Moreover, content writing is often done for the purpose of online marketing. Brand awareness, retention, conversion, and sales are some of the goals that this strategy addresses. It is deemed important because now that everybody is online, content writing is the way for your business to stay relevant to your consumers.

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Effective Content Writing Tips

Now that you know the basics of content writing, let us discuss how to effectively write content. Effective content writing is what you need in order to use your online content for the benefit of your business.

1. Research.

You cannot write about something you don’t know. It is very important that you have knowledge about the topic that you would write about. Do your research. Your readers should be able to get reliable information from you and your content. Other than that, research also helps you engage more readers by what you put on your sites. Doing your research is just a simple step that can greatly help you convert your readers to potential customers.

2. Know your audience.

Your content should be appropriate for your audience. Content writing is deemed useless if your audience simply cannot relate to what you are saying. Know the demographics of your target audience. Understand their needs. By knowing your audience, you can tailor-fit content that can also help your business be more relatable.

In addition, if you know your audience that could turn into potential customers, it will be easier for them to realize that they indeed need your product. Effective content writing will eventually lead to sales. By knowing your audience, you can also use words and jargons that would be well-received by your readers.

3. Make it interesting.

Your readers should have the urge to read more about your content. From the headline, to the hook, the body, up to your ending, you should be able to retain your reader’s curiosity. Construct your content in a way that is appropriate for your target audience and that would make them want to know more about what you are writing about.

4. Visualize it.

In the world of internet and social media, people tend to absorb information when it is presented visually. Use visual tools such as pictures, infographics, videos, and the like to help you get your message across.

5. Make it count.

Word count matters. It sometimes helps that your content is easy to grasp such as short and witty social media captions. Sometimes, your readers need a lengthy blog post to educate and inform them. Analyze what type of content and how many words you will be using in order to better tell a story to your readers.

Infographic Is One Of Content Writing Types

Most Common Types of Content Writers

Since there are several types or forms of content writing and content in general, there are also different types of professionals that work in the content writing field. Get to know more about some of the most common types of content writers are listed below.

1. Article Writer

Article or blog writers are some of the most common content writers nowadays. Articles and blogs are some of the most common and oldest forms of content writing. Even before the age of the internet, articles have been widespread in the writing industry.

2. Copywriter

Often tapped to write for digital platforms, copywriters usually write for social media captions, product descriptions, and even copies for content. Copywriters often work side by side with project managers, creative directors, and graphic artists to deal with content that will be published digitally.

3. Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are usually skilled in writing for various formats, tone, and topics, since they are usually tapped by companies who might not have the time or resources to produce content.

4. Technical Writer

They are often writing about more technical topics like math, science, development, technology. In most cases, technical writers are tasked with creating content about a certain topic or research in order to inform the public. Infographics, scientific papers and articles, and manuals are the most usual types of content technical writers do.

Top 5 Companies Offering Content Writing Services

Since not all businesses and companies have the capacity to have in-house content writers, they have the option to outsource content writers. We have rounded up some companies that offer content writing services. These companies have a wide range of offerings, from business writings to social media postings, academic papers and other forms of writing. Check out their respective sites below to get to know more about what they do and to avail services that suit a certain budget.

1. Allied Writers (
2. Good Writing Co. (
3. Advanced Writing Services (
4. Thrive Internet Marketing Agency (
5. Harlandhills (

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