How to Create Your Own Modern Living Room on a Budget

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Choosing the right design for your living room can be daunting. You have to select a color scheme that suits your personality and style. You have to find furniture. Most importantly, when looking for modern living room ideas, you have to make sure that the design fits your budget. And with the persistence of the pandemic, you might even have to set up your home office or study area.

Modern Living Room Ideas: The Elements of the Room’s Design

Professional interior designers follow rules on creativity and flair so that they achieve consistency in design excellence. This set of informal rules includes the seven elements of interior design. They are space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern. When we consider and appropriately use these elements upon looking for modern living room ideas, we can be creative and thus achieve harmony in our homes.

Here are the important elements of interior design that you can use to achieve a modern living room design:


Physical boundaries make up the space of a living room. Although you may not be able to alter this space in some cases, you can still change it to create the best design. Use the spaces wisely to maximize both positive and negative spaces. A positive space is an area that contains objects, and a negative space is an open area or area between objects.

You can do so by selecting items to create a specific design. For example, a tall bookshelf can be placed in your living room to make a height illusion. But, if your room is small, a large bookshelf is inappropriate because it occupies the negative space and makes the room look crowded.

The use of space varies depending on the style. For instance, minimalism focuses on negative spaces, while maximalism highlights positive spaces.


Colors arouse feelings. They also affect us psychologically and physically. When choosing colors for your modern living room ideas; think about their purpose, interaction with natural and artificial light, and your style.

You can add color to your living room in various ways. For instance, you can paint the walls and apply wallpaper. You can also use rugs, furniture, and decor with your desired color. You can have a color palette so you can have the colors you can mix and match while maintaining harmony and vibrancy in your living room.

The most commonly used colors in living rooms are beige, gray, blue, navy, and black. When selecting furniture, rugs, and walls, you can choose from these colors because they are laid back. They can also blend with colors in other parts of the living room. When combined with the right items, other colors like golden hues, salmon pink, green, and yellow can be applied to your living room.

Modern Living Room Aesthetic


Lines guide the eye and form the shape of the outcome of your living room. To achieve a modern living room design, you need to achieve balance between horizontal, vertical, and dynamic lines. Horizontal lines may be formed using tables, drawer chests, and sofas. In this way, your space widens and becomes safer, grounded, and formal. But when you overuse horizontal lines, you make a boring living room.

With vertical lines, the eye can be drawn upward and give a sense of freedom. These lines can be formed by doorways, windows, walls, and tall or long stuff. They tend to lift your eyes as you gaze at the living room. They also highlight other parts like the ceiling. But when there are too many vertical lines, you may have a feeling of confinement.

To achieve harmony, you can use curved, angular, and zigzag lines. They are dynamic lines that help create movement and energy. For example, your living room can appear fluid by using curved lines in a painting. Zigzag lines create activity. But too many dynamic lines can be distracting, so avoid them.


Form is composed of lines and shapes of objects. It can be geometric. Similar to a lot of lines, however, excessive forms in an enclosed space can cause confusion. You should create balance between various forms to have a harmonious look and hence a modern living room design.


Some aspects of your living room like function, mood, and beauty are affected by light. By opening your doors and windows, natural light flows through the living room. But without enough natural light, your living room may look dull even if you have stuff with vibrant colors.

You can reflect natural light by placing mirrors on walls. In this way, you can also increase ambient light in your living room during the day. At night, you can achieve this look by using chandeliers, recessed ceiling lights, and other light fixtures.

When choosing artificial lights, you should consider what the space is for. For example, if your workspace is in your living room, the light should be bright. In addition to the main light in your living room, a task light or desk lamp can be used.

Light can also be used to highlight a specific item or space. For example, you can set up accent lights under or above paintings or photos on your wall.


The overall look of your living room can be affected by the texture and feel of an item. You can use objects with different textures to enhance the vibrancy of the living room while creating a relaxing feel. For example, a fluffy mat in your accented reading nook provides a comfy texture to your feet.


Repeating a design in your living room can create patterns. You can find patterns in furniture, wall hangings, wallpaper, and other objects in the living room. With patterns, you can bring vibrancy, but make sure that you don’t use them excessively. Check your style and the space of your living room to choose where to apply the patterns. Also, it will be better if you use patterns sparingly.

For example, if you have a patterned fabric for your sofa, other items in the living room should have subtle or plain designs. If your furniture is simple, you can use pillows and rugs with intricate patterns like different lines, shapes, and colors.

Additional Features for Modern Living Room Design

In addition to the abovementioned elements, the following features are important for achieving that modern living room design:

  • Neutral Walls and Textures
  • Open and Natural Lighting
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Natural Materials and Elements
  • Practicality and Functionality
  • Simple, Clean Lines, and Simplistic Furniture

Home Ideas for Any Type

If you have a cramped or cluttered living room, you probably don’t want to hang out in there. If this is the case, you definitely have to make some changes. For example, you can paint your wall to have an accent wall or add a colorful light bulb. You can simply have a new throw pillow. Keeping the elements of modern living room design, you can renovate your living room so that spending time in there can be relaxing and calming.

Here are some home ideas that you can consider to make your living room look modern.

Small Modern Living Room Ideas

If you have a small living room, make sure that you maximize the space. Here are some modern small living room ideas that you can use for your own living room:

Modern Small Living Room Idea
Image source:

In this small living room, an I-shaped sofa, a simple shelf system, and wall mounts are combined with a striped orange rug. In this way, a positive sensory effect can be created. So the small living room looks larger than it actually is.

Modern Small Living Room Idea
Image source:

A spacious, airy, and esthetic look like this can be achieved in your living room by having white tones, simple carpets, and plain windows.

Modern Small Living Room Design Idea
Image source:

If your space is right next to an outdoor area, you can prefer to have a door that opens out fully. In this way, your indoor space extends to the outdoor space. Thus, your small living room appears large. Just choose furniture that blends both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Modern Living Room Wall Décor Ideas

When choosing wall decors, you should consider not only their design but also their functionality and comfort feel. Have a look at these modern living room wall décor ideas:

Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas
Image source:

In this living room, the wall is upholstered with leather fabric to make it feel intimate.

Modern Living Room Wall Decor Idea
Image source:

You can display your art collection, photos, or wall hangings. Use frames that match and arrange them in proper proportion to create an uncluttered balanced look.

Modern Living Room Wall Decor Ideas
Image source:

Or you can simply keep it classy and crisp like this white minimalist living room. It looks pure and elegant. You can add glass and metallic features as accents that sharpen the white pieces.

Mid-century Modern Living Room Ideas

You can achieve a mid-century modern design by using decors or items from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. They usually look like war materials shaped into chairs, tables, and lights. Here are some ideas on what a mid-century living room looks like:

Mid-Century Living Room Design Idea
Image source:

In this living room, the sofa, the coffee tables, and the accent chair all have wooden legs. The lamps give the desired metallic touch.

Mid-Century Living Room Design Idea
Image source:

Different materials and textures can be used to create a diverse but not cluttered living room design. Like this living room—it has chairs covered with leather, a metal accent chair, a marble coffee table, a metallic standing lamp, and tulip-style end tables.

Mid-Century Living Room Design Idea
Image source:

This living room design is known as the conversation pit. It has a pink-couched depression like a sunken floor, creating a space where you and your family can focus on talking to one another. It has an iron table, throw pillows in different colors, and plants as added decors to create a homey feel.

Modern Rustic Living Room Ideas

A modern rustic living room design features rustic charm and warmth combined with modern stuff. To achieve this design, you need an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. Colors are simple, usually earth tones, which make you feel like you are in a cottage or a country home.

Take a look at these modern rustic living room design ideas:

Modern Rustic Living Room Design Idea
Image source:

You can use a matching wood side table and coffee table to have a cohesive look for your rustic living room.

Modern Rustic Living Room Design Idea-2
Image source:

This living room features a neutral rustic modern farmhouse. It has wood slices and showcases a touch of industrial style.

Modern Rustic Living Room Design Idea-3
Image source:

Who says you can’t add colorful pieces in your rustic living room? Well, you can—just like this lime green cabinet that matches the rustic feel of this living room.

Modern Apartment Living Room Ideas

Just like any other living rooms, a modern apartment living room should have the right mix of textures, colors, and patterns. Furniture, decors, and other stuff should be arranged strategically to create a home-away-from-home vibe. Here are some modern apartment living room ideas that will give you that homey feel:

Modern Apartment Living Room Idea
Image source:

In this small apartment living room, a bookshelf is placed neatly to act as a divider that separates it from the bedroom. A large rug is also used here to define the living space.

Modern Apartment Living Room Idea
Image source:

You can use colorful pieces to accentuate a light and neutral background. But make sure that the colors you choose are complementary. In this modern apartment living room, colorful pieces of artwork are placed on the walls. Even pillows and keepsakes with different patterns can be used to create a vibrant look.

Modern Apartment Living Room Idea
Image source:

With an industrial minimalist look, this space serves as a living room during the day and turns into a bedroom at night. How smart is that! All you need is a futon—plus a side table or a coffee table—to create this stylish, modern apartment living room. You can also add other decorative yet functional pieces like a wall lamp and artwork. To make it even cozier, you can place a plant at one corner. You can also introduce contrast by using colorful or patterned pillows and wall décor.

New-Normal Living Room with Home Office Ideas

With the COVID-19 pandemic, both work-from-home and homeschooling setups have become a part of our new normal. As such, students and employees have set up a space where they can study and work efficiently without distractions.

However, most spaces at home have already been used for other purposes. Many people don’t have a budget to rent or buy a space just for this purpose alone. So, they tend to choose the largest part of their houses—which is usually the living room—to create an office or study area.

How will you fit your office or study area in your living room that’s already filled with furniture and stuff? Here are some ideas on how you can rearrange your chairs, tables, and other furniture to make way for your home office or classroom without sacrificing the overall look and flow of your living room.

Living Room Design For The New Normal
Image source:

In this living room with home office, the sofa is matched with a table and a floor lamp. It is placed across the desk and can serve as a beautiful background for video calls. Other functional and decorative pieces are also added to complete the home office look.

Living Room Design For The New Normal-2
Image source:

In this modern mid-century home office, a desk and an armchair are oriented facing the sofa. This way, clients and guests can also feel comfortable when they visit. The decors are carefully chosen to accentuate the look and achieve the desired mood, which is to feel relaxed while working.

Living Room Design For The New Normal-3
Image source:

For this home office, the desk faces the large window, which lets in as much natural light as possible. Instead of a large couch or sofa, swivel chairs are placed for guests or clients. There are also drawers and shelves for storing office items.

Modern Living Room Paint Ideas

Your living room has many roles in your house. It can be a quiet hangout spot or a fun entertainment center. Now, it can also be your home office or study area. For these reasons, it should look and feel relaxing and comforting. To create the right atmosphere, you can paint your living room with white, cream, beige, gray, blue, green, or black—any color that suits your style or color scheme.

As one of the elements of modern living room designs, color should be considered when you are looking for home ideas. When choosing hues, you should apply testers of paint onto white sheets of paper and see if it is the right shade for your wall. Take a look at some modern living room paint ideas:

Modern Living Room Paint Design Idea
Image source:

Beige is a commonly used neutral shade. It blends well with other colors so your living room can be easily decorated. It’s famous among minimalists, who want a classy effect.

Modern Living Room Paint Design Idea
Image source:

Another common neutral color is gray. It can make your living room look bigger and more spacious. You can match it with bright pieces for a striking appeal.

Modern Living Room Paint Design Idea
Image source:

Blue is a good choice when you want to create a calming mood in your living room. Different shades of blue are a perfect match for neutral shades, such as cream. They make your living room look clean and tidy.

Budget Home Improvement Ideas

By now, you have a good idea of what a modern living room looks like. Inspired to change your own living room but don’t have a lot of money to spend on home renovation? You can still make your home look modern and stylish. Check out these budget home improvement ideas:

Budget Home Improvement Idea
Image source:

Create a gallery wall by hanging your photos and artwork.

Budget Home Improvement Ideas
Image source:

Add natural elements like plants as living room décor. Even artificial plants can be used.

Budget Home Improvement Idea
Image source:

Or you can simply rearrange your furniture—it costs you nothing!

List of Professional Home Services to Make Your Dream Renovation Come True

So you’ve tried renovating your living room on your own. But are you still unsatisfied? You can opt for professional home services to help you create a modern living room. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Professionals Painting

With the best-skilled and experienced team of painters, Professionals Painting offers residential painting services.

2. October 5 Fine Home Builders

Based in California, October 5 Fine Home Builders provide craftsmanship to help transform beautiful old homes into modern ones.

3. Handy

As professionals working on furniture assembly, Handy uses loose pieces of wood to create various kinds of furniture like a dresser and a bed frame.

4. Lee Company

Lee Company provides different home maintenance and repair services. These include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, remodeling, painting, and more.

5. House Doctors

House Doctors comprises of a team of handymen that provide professional home improvement services. They are highly skilled at home maintenance and product installations.

Professional Home Services Make Your Living Room Ideas Come to Life

You can now sit back and relax as professional home service providers turn your old living room into a modern look. You can choose from the companies listed above. If you are a provider of professional home services such as living room designs, have your own service and business listed today by adding a listing on ArchList now!


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