How Staffing Agencies Could Help Your Business

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With millions of people finding jobs, urgent hiring has become common to both companies and candidates. That said; some employers still look for staffing agencies to hire the best candidates. The staffing and workforce solutions industry contributions to the United States’ economic success have proved substantial. In fact, according to, about 16 million employees per year were provided career opportunities.

The Role of Staffing Agencies to Companies

Despite COVID-19, employees resumed their job search as most companies decided to reopen for business. Staffing agencies check the best candidates to fill in job openings in any field. They are skilled in hiring full-time, part-time, temporary, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire full-time employees.

5 Advantages of Staffing Agencies 

If your business has received contract-based projects, filling in seasonal positions might prove to be a daunting task. Let the firms filter a pool of candidates for you. Looking for a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to get employees? Seek help from staffing agencies. Here are the benefits of hiring them:

Cut Overhead Costs of Companies 

The global economic condition put many companies at risk. Thus, the number of permanent employees will cost more than just paying for projects done. There are taxes, benefits, and vacation pay to add to the budget. When you partner with a temporary staffing agency, there’s no need to pay for permanent employee expenses.

Project-based or temporary staff will get the work done without additional overhead costs. Also, if your business is small, using a staffing agency is the best solution to cut insurance and benefits pay.

Mitigate Recruiting Challenges

The recruitment phase does not stop with hiring a talent. New employee training and onboarding requires time and cost investment. If you are looking for someone to cover a month’s work, allocating training resources is a waste. When you use the services of staffing agencies, they conduct interviews or have you fill in applications. This way, they will align your interests and qualifications with the potential talent with the needed skills.

Reduce Expenses for Employee Overwork

Companies used to treat employee overwork as a talent management concern. The benefit of distributing tasks, in turn, is that it prevents heavy workload and frustrating work routines. Hence, staffing agencies could help in growing your business and managing employees.

Manage Onboarding and Payroll

Staffing agencies know the challenges of recruitment since they are in business for years. They boast of extensive background in all aspects of human resources. These include onboarding paperwork, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, and unemployment benefits.

Know the Industry and Market Trends

Staffing agencies are updated with salary ranges and local market trends to bring in workforce solutions. They have knowledge of competition offerings and the market in general. Another advantage is that they have insider access to skilled and available candidates.

List of Staffing Firms for You

Whether you are striving to find a new job or you are a company looking for best candidates, the following staffing agencies will end the search. To give you insights on who to hire, we made a ranked list based on industries they cater such as veteran, corporate, healthcare, and IT staffing agencies.

1. Robert Half

After some digging, Robert Half made it to the first spot. Aside from being a job search engine, this is a site to start putting your trust in a staffing agency. This staffing firm provides jobs for different industries. Among them belong to accounting and finance, administrative and office, technology and IT, creative and marketing, and legal.

2. Kelly Services

Kelly Services is one of the staffing agencies that works with Fortune 100 companies. There’s no need to worry about finding talents because placement firms like Kelly Services are constantly recruiting so candidates are always lined up. Some workers are looking for short-term projects instead of a career track in a company. 

3. Addison Group

This firm pairs job seekers with employers in IT, financing and accounting, healthcare, digital marketing, and administrative positions. Even though they have physical office across the US, they still interview talents far from their physical location.

Staffing Agencies Hire Employees Waiting For Time Of Interview
How Staffing Agencies Could Help Your Business 2

Reach Big Candidate Pools

Companies relying on staffing agencies save hours or days’ worth of matching job candidates. In addition, staffing agencies perform cross-checking of references and shortlisting of applicants. They also arrange work schedules on behalf of hiring managers.

Staffing agencies can place talent in a wide range of areas, from IT and software development, to marketing and administrative services. The advantage of working with a technical staffing agency is their ability to check a candidate’s skills.

If you are an executive, the time you save from recruiting can be used to focus on your business core objectives and short-term projects. When looking for IT staffing agencies, you can browse and try out the firms on our list.

Connect Corporate Clients with Prospective Hires

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