Types of Coffee to Start Your Day (Plus the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Nevada City, CA)

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But first, coffee.

Coffee has been an integral part of lives of many people, and it is here to stay. Whether you are someone who is just dipping their toes in this coffee craze, someone who is already in too deep, or maybe someone who already made a living out of it because of your love for it; let us take a deeper look at the different types of coffee.

Coffee is more than just that dark-colored liquid in that fancy-looking mug. It is more than just that bittersweet aroma that you can smell on your local deli. It is more than that because we actually have a handful of types of coffee in the market nowadays. Prepare your eyes as we walk you through the different types of coffee, from the first almost-boiling sip of this elixir to that very last drop.

Types of Coffee Beans

Let’s zero in on where it all started: the coffee beans. As surprising as it is, there is more than just one type of coffee beans from which a lot of types of coffee emerged. Each type of bean has its own distinct characteristic and kick. So, let’s round up these powerful little beans for you.

1. Arabica Beans

One of the most common types of coffee beans. Arabica’s distinct characteristic is its slightly sweet taste without that much caffeine. If you are still making your way into the world of different types of coffee, Arabica beans are here for you. It is usually used for black coffee because of its smoothness and flavor. Since it is also deemed as a high-quality variety, it also leans toward the pricier scale.

2. Robusta Beans

If you prefer a cheaper but stronger caffeine fix, then Robusta would be to your liking. Among the different types of coffee beans, the Robusta beans take the lead when it comes to that much-needed fix. It is usually used for espresso drinks and has that stronger and more bitter coffee taste.

3. Liberica Beans

For the strong one. Liberica is one of the types of coffee that certainly has ‘that’ kick. Usually found in Southeast Asia, this strong bean gives off that nutty and powerful flavor along with that harsh caffeine kick you are looking for.

4. Excelsa Beans

To give you that surprising fruity taste. Excelsa beans are usually what is preferred by coffee drinkers who like a sweet and gentle experience. This coffee bean gives off lighter caffeine and aroma.

Now, Let’s Cook Those Beans!

After getting to know the different types of coffee beans, let us now dive into the different types of coffee roasting. Roasting is basically the process of heating or cooking the beans for a specific flavor, finish, and taste. The most commonly known types of coffee roasts include the following:

  • Light roast for a high-caffeine and less aroma coffee experience;
  • Medium roast for a balance of flavor, aroma, and acidity;
  • Dark roast for a low caffeine but flavorful coffee; and
  • Extra dark roast or the roast that usually turns our coffee beans to black to achieve that burnt, smoky, bitter but strong taste and aroma.
Customer Enjoying Pastry With A Hot Cup Of Coffee

Drink Them Up!

Now that we already know the star of our cup—the different types of coffee beans and how to roast them to our liking—let us now look into the different types of drinks we can achieve. If you find yourself overwhelmed with the types of coffee on the menu of your local café, read below so you can confidently order your next cup with your pinkies up.

To better ease you into the world of coffee, get to know more about the hot and cold types of coffee drinks below:

Hot that’s worth a shot:

  • Black – Basic but powerful. Among the types of coffee in the market, that cup of black coffee is one of the easiest one that doesn’t fall short. It is usually just the coffee grounds steeped in hot water—nothing more.
  • Espresso – Usually served in shots because it is basically a coffee concentrate. Espresso is often used as a foundation for other types of coffee drinks. Get a shot to keep those eyes open throughout the day.
  • Americano – A shot of espresso mixed with hot water. This actually dilutes the powerful flavor of an espresso while still maintaining its kick.
  • Latte – If you combine a shot of espresso with foam and steamed milk, you get a latte. Most of the time, you can customize and drizzle whatever you want on top to satisfy your cravings.
  • Cappuccino – An even combination of steamed milk, foam, and espresso. Sometimes it is topped with cinnamon or cocoa powder for additional layers of flavor.
  • Macchiato – Cappuccino with less steamed milk which makes it stronger. You can also add some foam to further enjoy this more flavorful and stronger drink.
  • Café au Lait – Translates to coffee with milk. Among the types of coffee, the café au lait is definitely one of the fan favorites. It is equal parts coffee and steamed milk.
  • Red Eye – For those days where you need that extra perk, go for this coffee drink with a shot of espresso. This will surely keep you up and running throughout the day.

Cold but bold:

  • Affogato – This might cause a debate since it is a hot shot of espresso served with ice cream. Hot or cold, affogato is still dubbed one of the favorites of the different types of coffee because who doesn’t like ice cream, anyway? Fun, sweet, but still with a kick.
  • Cold Brew – Made by steeping coffee beans for a couple of hours (usually from 10 to 36 hours) and adding cold milk or cream. The strength actually depends on the duration of steeping. Because of this requirement, it is usually dubbed as one of the trendiest and fanciest among the types of coffee we know.
  • Frappuccino – Stylized as frappe, it is a blended iced coffee drink topped with whipped cream and syrup. Often mixed with other flavors, you can actually create your own Frappuccino blend to match your liking. For those who are into trying different types of coffee mixes, you will never go wrong with frappe. One of the favorites too, since you enjoy a variety of this drink.
  • Iced Coffee – A step up from the basic black coffee. Just add ice to the brew and you have your iced coffee! Mix milk, sugar, or cream to taste.
  • Nitro Cold Brew – An innovative take on the different types of coffee. With the idea from the beer industry, the cold brew coffee is infused with nitrogen in order to achieve a foamy, frothy, and flavorful drink. Usually poured via a nitro tap, which is very similar to its beer counterpart.
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Need a Drink: The Best Coffee Shops in Nevada City, CA

If you find yourself looking forward to having your next cup of coffee, worry not because we’ve got your back! We at ArchList have rounded up the best coffee shops in Nevada City, California. So, yes; it’s one fewer worry about that upcoming catch-up with your friends while sipping different types of coffee.

1. Nevada City Classic Cafe

Recognized as among the top-rated coffee shops in the county, Nevada City Classic Café specializes on French and American cuisine; featuring organic and local as well as gluten- and lactose-free menus. More importantly, the shop’s ambience and the hearty meals make for a perfect combination for your morning coffee sips to get your day started the way you want and need.

2. Sugar Shack

Located along the streets of Argall Way, Sugar Shack is sure to shack your taste buds. They promise to provide good food for all seasons that will surely tug your heartstrings. Their drinks are exceptional as always, so make sure to check out this homey place for your next coffee date.

3. Java John’s

Another place that serves organic and delicious coffee, they also support and practice fair trade! So, what’s not to love? You will surely enjoy their special types of coffee while making sure that you still support fair trade.

4. Fable Coffee NC

“Fable Coffee celebrates our customers by roasting and crafting coffee that brings a bit of magic to the community we serve.” Need we say more?

5. Heartwood Eatery

Enjoy the variety of types of coffee that this local and organic eatery serves. Their ambiance together with their great menu is the perfect place to have a heart-to-heart talk with friends and family or an intimate dinner date with the beau.

Want to be included on the list of best coffee shops in your area? Want your potential clients that you also have different types of coffee and coffee products waiting to see the light? List your coffee business now!

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